Upcoming events

    • 31 May 2020
    • (UTC+03:00)
    • 8 Jun 2020
    • (UTC+03:00)
    • 5 sessions
    • Online
    Join the US Embassy, AmCham Bahrain, UNDP, and the Bahrain Businesswomen's Society for a virtual seminar  on Sunday May 31 - Thursday June 4 that will empower women-led businesses to grow through the US-Bahrain Free Trade Agreement. There will be a one-hour session each day at 3 PM. Each of which will equip you with the skills you need to grow your business. This event has been generously supported by the US State Department's POWER initiative. 

    Sunday May 31: The U.S. Ambassador and FTA users will discuss the US-Bahrain Free Trade Agreement. Learn how you can both import and export using the FTA. 

    Monday June 1: In "Wonder Woman, Captain America, and Other Powerful Brands," franchising expert, Joel Stewart, will share how you can leverage existing US franchises to jump start your business. 

    Tuesday June 2: In "Ex-pecially for You: Getting Your Product to Market in the US," you'll learn more about exporting goods to the US like jewelry, fabrics, plastic & aluminum

    Wednesday June 3:In  : In "Using eCommerce to Strengthen Your Business," you'll learn tips and tricks to help you take advantage of ecommerce platforms like CISCO to grow your customer base. 

    Thursday June 4: "We Can Do It: Promoting American Products Abroad," will show you how to import American products, particularly health and environmentally friendly products. 

    • 3 Jun 2020
    • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (UTC+03:00)
    • Online

    AmCham Bahrain in partnership with the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM), Business Council for International Understanding (BCIU), and the Commercial Services of the US Department of Commerce invites U.S. Companies to learn more about EXIM’s new Covid-19 Relief Programs on Wednesday 3 June 2020, 4:00-5:00pm (GMT+3). 

    Registration:   Click to Register

    * Event free with  the following code: BCIUGuest2020


    Steve Renna, EXIM Chief Banking Officer - Brief overview of EXIM programs

    David Fiore, EXIM Vice President – Explanation of EXIM’s Covid-19 relief programs



    On March 25, the U.S. Export Import Bank’s (EXIM) Board of Directors unanimously approved four new, time-limited emergency measures. The measures will temporarily expand the types of financing EXIM can provide as part of the U.S. government’s efforts to address and mitigate the economic crisis in the coming months. The emergency measures will be in place for one year from May 1, 2020, although a few implementation details are still being worked out. EXIM currently has about $80 billion available under its $135 billion overall financing cap that could be deployed for these emergency measures as well as regular business.

    Bridge Loan Product:

    --- This is a new EXIM financial product, which can be structured as either a direct loan or a loan guarantee. This product is available to foreign borrowers for an initial period of one year and could be extended depending on economic conditions and demand. The financing schedule gives borrowers the option to extend financing through several periods of the transaction’s full repayment term. These periods will be determined based on the export, its total repayment, and the availability of private financing. EXIM will incrementally collect its exposure fee as the borrower elects to extend the financing period. The fee structure incentivizes borrowers to find private sector financing prior to extending their EXIM financing. EXIM will encourage borrowers in its informational products to refinance in commercial markets at the earliest opportunity, assuming market conditions provide this opportunity. Please see the EXIM factsheet on changes to this product: www.exim.gov/coronavirus-response/fact-sheet-exim-establishes-bridge-financing-program.


    Supply Chain Financing Guarantee Program:

    --- EXIM currently provides a 90 percent guarantee to a participating lender that purchases accounts receivable from suppliers of an approved exporter. The change temporarily waives the previous requirement that transactions include small business involvement in 50 percent of the supply chain and allows EXIM to finance the distribution of U.S. products through foreign affiliates, which in turn sell the products to foreign buyers. EXIM’s board is also considering increasing its guarantee from 90 to 95 percent, eliminating almost the entirety of risk for the lender, although a final policy has yet to be determined. This product will provide U.S. businesses in the supply chain the immediate liquidity they need, especially lower investment grade companies. The changes are designed to incentivize lenders to underwrite weaker credits, which are particularly impacted by the crisis when all credits are adversely impacted. Please see the EXIM factsheet on changes to this product: www.exim.gov/coronavirus-response/fact-sheet-background-on-supply-chain-financing-guarantee-program


    Working Capital Guarantee Program: 

    --- This product facilitates loans to U.S. businesses that export over the term of the loan and is an asset-based lending program under which financing is determined by the borrower’s export-related inventory and accounts receivable. This product previously covered 90 percent of the principal and accrued interest of the loan. EXIM will now temporarily expand its financing beyond only export-related inventory to all of the borrower’s inventory that could potentially be exported, which will increase the eligible collateral for an EXIM guarantee, and thereby, the amount of working capital EXIM can support. As with the modified supply chain product, EXIM’s board is considering increasing its guarantee from 90 to 95 percent, although a final policy has yet to be determined. Please see the EXIM factsheet on changes to this product: www.exim.gov/coronavirus-response/fact-sheet-background-on-working-capital-guarantee-program


    Pre-Delivery / Pre-Export Financing Program:  

    --- EXIM currently allows periodic disbursements for pre-export payments (through direct loans or loan guarantees) to U.S. manufacturers during the manufacturing process when EXIM is providing the medium- or long-term financing associated with the export. This product is most often used to facilitate exports of long-lead time manufactured products, such as satellites, large turbines, and other capital goods requiring extensive customization. The major change under the new product will allow EXIM to provide pre-delivery financing even when it is not providing the long-term financing for a one-year period. This benefit will now be available to certain industries, such as aviation and the locomotive industries, where commercial lenders may no longer be willing to finance pre-export payments. This could be extended depending on demand and economic conditions beyond the initial one-year program period. Please see the EXIM factsheet on changes to this product: www.exim.gov/coronavirus-response/fact-sheet-exim-temporarily-expands-pre-export-payment-program


    • 9 Jun 2020
    • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (UTC+03:00)
    • Online

    Join AmCham and the Sedge Group for a live webinar: Partnering to Enter the US Government Construction Business on Tuesday June 9 from 2 - 3 PM (GMT +3). 

    Webinar Contents:

    Insights, best practices and lessons learned on how to strategically position yourself to be a successful partner and subcontractor to US Companies operating across the Middle East, Europe and Africa in support of US Federal programs.  This webinar will discuss how companies can best support Prime Contractors’ proposal efforts as a team Subcontractor, and provide the input required to lead to a successful proposal outcome and award. Also, discussions will include what Subcontractor qualities lead to repeat calls from Prime Contractors, and how to forge that lasting relationship for continued growth and success. Finally, transitioning from a Subcontractor to a Prime Contractor, and how to strategically pursue work as a Subcontractor, to be best positioned to compete as a Prime in the future.


    Ms. Alix King graduated from one of the oldest private universities in Tennessee, King University, in 2015 with her Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in Financial Management; and earned her BS in Organizational Management in 2013 from Tusculum College. Alix is a strong supporter of continuing education amongst her team and colleagues. She got her start in Federal Contracting as an intern supporting Project Controls, and has over 17 years’ experience in contracts, fund-raising, community outreach, marketing, team-building, management, proposal-writing and Business Development.  Alix is a current member of SAME, NCMA and NAOC.

    Alix has worked with RELYANT Global, LLC for nearly 8 years, and began with the company as it was positioned primarily in one geographic region – Afghanistan. As the Vice President of Business Development and Contracts, and acting Director of Proposals, has since seen RELYANT Global’s growth expand nearly 10 fold. RELYANT Global is now positioned across 4 continents, with active contracts in 11 countries in Africa, holds a continual footprint in the Middle East, and is currently growing into Europe. RELYANT Global is also active in the Indo-PACOM region, and the Americas. RELYANT Global is currently the Prime Contractor on 16 IDIQs, holds a GSA Schedule, and is experienced in managing large contracts as a Prime, and supporting other companies as a dedicated and successful subcontractor. With nearly $4B in total contract capacity as a Prime, RELYANT Global is always seeking qualified, local partnerships to continue to grow and be successful in our existing and target regions worldwide. RELYANT Global specializes in Horizontal and Vertical Construction; Repair & Renovation; Force Protection; Construction Management; Airfield construction and repair; Concrete Testing & Provision; Environmental Services to include Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) remediation; and Operations & Maintenance (O&M). RELYANT is unique in our ability to be successful in contingency, high-risk and resource restricted environments, as well as populated regions. RELYANT Global focuses on supporting the local economies of our operations, and seeks to partner and employ locally to the greatest extent possible.

    • 10 Sep 2020
    • (UTC+03:00)
    • 11 Sep 2020
    • (UTC+03:00)
    • Washington D.C. - Omni Shoreham Hotel

    The Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) is hosting its annual conference in Washington D.C. during the 2nd and 3rd of April. EXIM is the official export credit agency of the US. EXIM specializes in finding trade solutions that include export credit insurance, working capital guarantees, and to help US comoanies to expand overseas. The conference features various experts to discuss business, world economics, and the dynamic global marketplace. 

    The conference draws attendees to help seize new business opportunities by: 

    • One-on-one private consultations from government trade agencies and companies. 
    • Networking opportunities with experts in different fields
    • Understanding how EXIM products increase small business export sales.
    • Attending in a variety of sessions on trade issues & opportunities of all sizes in specific industries and regions.  

    For more information and to register please visithttps://www.exim.gov/events/annual-conferences/2020


    • 23 Oct 2020
    • (UTC+03:00)
    • Royal Golf Club

    AmCham  and INJAZ Bahrain invite you to join a charity golf tournament on Friday, October 23rd at the Royal Golf Course. Enjoy a relaxing day of golf and networking to benefit INJAZ Bahrain, an organization preparing and empowering youth to be future business leaders. 

    Sign up with your team today! Opportunities for sponsorship and branding available

    • 23 Oct 2020
    • 7:00 PM (UTC+03:00)
    • Four Seasons Bahrain Bay

    AmCham and INJAZ Bahrain invite you for a relaxing evening on the lawn of the Four Seasons overlooking the city skyline of Bahrain Bay. Join us for a delicious dinner provided by Cut by Wolfgang Puck as we celebrate the golf tournament's winners and engage with INJAZ Bahrain, an organization empowering Bahraini youth to become future business leaders. 

Past events

18 May 2020 Doing Business with the U.S. Government Webinar
13 May 2020 Virtual Majlis with Bahrain's Minister of Oil
26 Apr 2020 Minister Al Zayani update on Bahrain’s COVID-19 Response and Economic Stimulus Program for Businesses
22 Apr 2020 Live Webinar: Maintaining Resilient Supply Chain Through Crisis
22 Apr 2020 Green Technology: Protecting Intellectual Property and The Environment
19 Apr 2020 Live Webinar on Business Communications for the New Normal: How to Stay Engaged and Connected with Clients and Partners
24 Mar 2020 US Individual Income Tax Webinar
19 Mar 2020 COVID-19: Impacts and Update Webcast
17 Mar 2020 COVID-19: Middle East Updates
2 Mar 2020 Members Only Business Tour: WestPoint Home
25 Feb 2020 Business Networking Luncheon with the Economic Development Board
2 Feb 2020 Intellectual Property Seminar with US IP Attaché Pete Mehravari
23 Jan 2020 Members Only Business Tour: Mondelez Oreo & Tang Factory
15 Jan 2020 Business Networking Luncheon with the Minister of Works
12 Dec 2019 Seminar on US Navy Construction Tenders
10 Dec 2019 Members Only Business Tour of Alba & Line 6
1 Dec 2019 A Private Tour of Darkness and Light: a Photography Exhibit by Loredana Mantello
29 Nov 2019 19th Annual ABA-EP Golf Tournment with AmCham Awards Dinner
17 Nov 2019 5th Annual U.S. Alumni Networking Reception
17 Nov 2019 Dubai Airshow Kick-Off Breakfast
7 Nov 2019 A Business Tour of Khailfa bin Salman Port by APM Terminals
30 Oct 2019 BusinessH2O Middle East Forum (Washington D.C.-October 30, 2019)
28 Oct 2019 Secrets to Success: Import/Export Business with the U.S.
24 Oct 2019 Empowering Women Benefits Business Luncheon
17 Oct 2019 The Fundamentals of Franchising:Understanding franchise development for expansion or investment
15 Oct 2019 Digital Transformation Panel
15 Oct 2019 AmCham 2019 Annual General Meeting & Board of Directors Election
8 Oct 2019 Launch of the Export Accelerator Program
30 Sep 2019 Succession Management: How successful Organization use it to Sustain Competitive Advantage
23 Sep 2019 U.S. Embassy Delegation - Solar Power International (SPI) 2019
18 Sep 2019 Business Speaker Series Capital Club Bahrain
1 Aug 2019 Request for Information for Basic Health Care Insurance
31 Jul 2019 NEVA Speed Business Networking
30 Jul 2019 US Navy Ship Repair Industry Day – Presentation Slides
17 Jul 2019 U.S. Commerce Update from EVP Myron Brilliant
1 Jul 2019 Free Trade Agreement Seminar
20 Jun 2019 AmCham Business Tours: BRINC IoT Accelerator
21 May 2019 The USBBC - Global Medicine Distribution Center in Bahrain
15 May 2019 AmCham & Boeing Present: A Ramadhan Iftar
30 Apr 2019 Undergraduate and Graduate Study in the USA - Informational Session
3 Apr 2019 Discover Bahrain - Oil & Gas Opportunities Roadshow
22 Mar 2019 AmCham & INJAZ Bahrain Charity Golf Tournament Awards Dinner
22 Mar 2019 Ahli United Bank Presents: AmCham & INJAZ Bahrain Charity Golf Tournament
22 Mar 2019 Ahli United Bank Presents: AmCham & INJAZ Bahrain Charity Golf Tournament Team Information
20 Mar 2019 AmCham Business Networking Luncheon: An Update on Bahrain's New Business Laws - Panel Discussion
27 Feb 2019 A Discussion with Bahrain's Ambassador to the U.S.
27 Feb 2019 Business Networking Luncheon - Banking 2025: Impact of Disruptive Technologies
21 Feb 2019 AmCham Business Tours: ASRY
29 Jan 2019 Business Networking Luncheon - With Dr. Nasser Qaedi, Export Bahrain
27 Nov 2018 Business Networking Luncheon with Mr. Ausamah Abdulla Al Absi, CEO, LMRA
23 Nov 2018 18th Annual ABA-EP Golf Tournament Dinner
23 Nov 2018 18th Annual ABA-EP Golf Tournament with AmCham
18 Nov 2018 Sustainopreneurship: Green Business Opportunities
14 Nov 2018 USA Partnership Pavilion Opening Ceremony - Bahrain International Airshow 2018
12 Nov 2018 4th U.S. Alumni in Bahrain Networking Reception
12 Nov 2018 MENA Angel Investors Summit
27 Oct 2018 AmCham MENA Regional Council - Annual Conference & Exhibition
24 Oct 2018 Discover America Week: Using the FTA to do Business with the US
23 Oct 2018 Discover America Week: Business Talk - Fireside Chat with Lili Gil Valletta
22 Oct 2018 Innovation in Tourism: Building A Tourism Sector for the Tech Savvy Traveller –Panel Discussion
21 Oct 2018 Manama Entrepreneurship Week
15 Oct 2018 Discover America Festivel: Chief Guest H.E. Justin Siberell
14 Oct 2018 Bahrain Hospitality & Restaurant Expo 2018
2 Oct 2018 AmCham 2018 Annual General Meeting
29 Sep 2018 Water Environment Technical Exhibition And Conference
13 Sep 2018 Global Teleconference by U.S. Embassy
9 Sep 2018 U.S. - Bahrain Trade: Envisioning the Future - Roundtable Discussion
18 Aug 2018 U.S. House Congressional Staff Delegation – Energy & Commerce Committee
26 Jun 2018 Business Networking Luncheon - H.E. Sh. Mohamed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Minister of Oil
20 Jun 2018 2018 SelectUSA Investment Summit
9 May 2018 Steppingstone Global - The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution
7 May 2018 US Taxation Seminar for Expats
2 May 2018 Exporting from Bahrain by Sea to Key Markets
30 Apr 2018 Doing Business with the Bahrain Government
29 Apr 2018 International Business Speaker Series - Gerald Lawless
24 Apr 2018 AmCham & Citi Business Networking Breakfast
18 Apr 2018 Managing Cybersecurity Risks in the Energy Sector - Ravi Jayasundera
16 Apr 2018 USBBC - GCC Opportunities
9 Apr 2018 VAT in Bahrain – lessons learned from Saudi & UAE
31 Mar 2018 Mary McBride Band Concert
27 Mar 2018 Business Networking Luncheon - H.E. Dr. Abdul Hussain Bin Ali​ Mirza, Minister of Electricity and Water Affairs
23 Mar 2018 1st American Fun Day BBQ
7 Mar 2018 Stepping Stone Global - Organization Development Workshop
7 Mar 2018 Unbound Bahrain
3 Mar 2018 Start Up Bahrain Week - A whole lot of inspiration from 50+ speakers in 6 events
28 Feb 2018 US Navy Industry Day – How to do business with the US Navy
21 Feb 2018 Business Networking Dinner with Senior White House Official - Mr. Mick Mulvaney
12 Feb 2018 "How to do Business in the U.S." Seminar
11 Feb 2018 3rd Annual U.S. Alumni in Bahrain Networking Reception
10 Feb 2018 Discover America Week - Feb 10-15
30 Jan 2018 Business Networking Luncheon - U.S. Ambassador H.E. Justin Siberell
23 Jan 2018 BBBF - Business Networking - Monthly Lunch Meeting
22 Jan 2018 Protecting Intellectual Property Rights Bahrain - Al Tamimi & Co.
1 Dec 2017 18th Annual ABA Golf Tournament Awards Dinner
1 Dec 2017 American Business Association 17th Annual Golf Tournament
30 Nov 2017 USBBC: A Reception featuring His Royal Highness Salman Bin Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa
28 Nov 2017 BBMA Presents: Development & Expansion of Bahrain International Airport
27 Nov 2017 Celebrity Chef Series: Chef Chele Gonzalez
21 Nov 2017 GARMCO Plant Tour
18 Nov 2017 Snowflake Craft Fair 2017
16 Nov 2017 Government Contracts & Tendors – Best Practices for the Private Sector Supplier
15 Nov 2017 Ferrari Maserati Showroom Grand Opening
13 Nov 2017 Bahrain Business Women’s B2B Forum
11 Nov 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017
8 Nov 2017 Bahrain Franchise and Dine Expo
31 Oct 2017 World Entrepreneurs Forum 2017
26 Sep 2017 AmCham 2017 Annual General Meeting
17 Sep 2017 Solar Energy Systems STEEB Exhibition 2017
25 Apr 2017 Cybersecurity in the Middle East – Knowing and managing the risks


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